The monetary capital of Europe and one among the foremost numerous cities within the world, London could be a place everybody desires to travel to and it’s no surprise that it’s one among the foremost visited cities within the world. In 2017, over nineteen.83 million guests came to the current town from the surface kingdom. London could be a widespread destination owing to the historic buildings just like the Tower of London, Parliament Building, and Tower Bridge furthermore as different attractions just like the London Eye that overlooks the River Thames. the range of food, mingling of cultures and therefore the distinctive manner of London create could be a far-famed traveller attraction.

The city is legendary for its nice concentration of cultural heritage that has royal palaces to the people’s parliament. It conjointly has Roman ruins to castles and cathedrals. The official London residence or body headquarters of the regnant monarch of the uk called Buckingham Palace is one among the foremost picture buildings settled within the heart of London and encircled by two royal parks. the opposite palace is that the homes of Parliament or the Palace of Westminster is that the largest palace within the country that contains one,100 rooms, one hundred staircases and four.8 kilometres of passageways.